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Coming Home

No my kids are not little anymore and they can fend for themselves. Lately, probably the last 2 months, I just can't stay away. All I want is to come home from work and be with them, not that they are with me, their phones is their friends but I just want to be in the same house with them. I literally count the hours to pick them up from school.

    Like most of us I can't just be home with my kids, you see, I started my online home business 7 years ago, but like most of us, I put everything on the back of my mind and went on to make someone else go home and stay with their kids. I worked and I have been working to this very moment. My business has been in the back of my mind always, but I never did anything to get my dreams, my wants out of the ground and into reality. I missed 7 years of my kids lives. I missed being there all the time, now I just can't do it anymore, now there is a force inside of me that is not allowing me to go another day without pursuing my dre…

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