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Here We Go Again

I must confess, it has been over 3 years since I last exercised. In 2015 I was teaching BodyCombat and Born to Move, but by mid 2015 I got hurt and didn't workout since then.
 Of course within a year I went from 186lbs to over 200lbs and was comfortable with my weight but I needed to lose weight for my daughter's Quincenera. I started to do a 21 days cleanse and lost some weight and with other diets I was back at 190 by June 2017. Again after the party I did nothing. Long story short I am back at 215lbs.

Here is the interesting part, I don't mind the weight, by the contrary, I am very comfortable and feel really great about how I look. I Love Me just the way I am.
So why am I writing again?, because due to some medical conditions ( physically ) I have to lose weight or things will get worse. I have back pain, hip pain that I can barely get out of bed in the morning. I have incontinence, and with family history of heart disease, I have to get in shape.
This time I am not do…

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