Coming Home

    No my kids are not little anymore and they can fend for themselves. Lately, probably the last 2 months, I just can't stay away. All I want is to come home from work and be with them, not that they are with me, their phones is their friends but I just want to be in the same house with them. I literally count the hours to pick them up from school.

    Like most of us I can't just be home with my kids, you see, I started my online home business 7 years ago, but like most of us, I put everything on the back of my mind and went on to make someone else go home and stay with their kids. I worked and I have been working to this very moment. My business has been in the back of my mind always, but I never did anything to get my dreams, my wants out of the ground and into reality. I missed 7 years of my kids lives. I missed being there all the time, now I just can't do it anymore, now there is a force inside of me that is not allowing me to go another day without pursuing my dreams.

   I have gotten the worse anxiety because I realized I had left my passion, denied my life and given up on my dreams. So although I still have to work, I am also working on my dreams and making it a reality, so I can be there for my kids, so I can be there when they go to college, so I can be there anytime I want to see them. This is not just about time, but this is about being spontaneous, this is about having the money to be spontaneous, and about being healthy to be spontaneous.

   I am here not only to make my dreams a reality but also helping you realize your dreams, be home with your kids, be healthy to enjoy your life to the fullest, all you have to do is reach out and ask how I can help you not lose a day in your life.

Here is to health, and financial freedom!


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