Why do you exercise?

Today you turn the TV and there are plenty of ads about weight loss, everyone is talking about weight loss and social media is all about looking a certain way. When I first lost a big chunk of weight I would look myself in the mirror but I never liked what I saw. I was happiest with my body and self image when I weighed 214 lbs. I was teaching a very intense workout class, I taught a kids workout class and I worked out at home most days. I now weigh 198 trying to go down but not because I want to fit in smaller pants but because heart disease runs in my family, diabetes runs in my family. I actually don't care if I lose one pound, but I want to make sure I can go up a flight of stairs without being out of breath, I want to make sure my blood pressure is normal, my heart rate is not up and my cholesterol is normal. I want to be fit enough to teach a workout class again. This is what I am looking for. We concentrate so much on our appearances as if our lives will change  by how we look. I do need to exercise not to lose weight but to feel good, to know I can, to remove stress, to make me flexible so as I age I know my body will still be in good working conditions. Why do you exercise?
Here's to your health


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