I want to help you get healthy from inside out

I have been a massage therapist for over 13 years and a BeachBody coach for 10, so you can say that I have been helping people feel good all this time. Unfortunately I haven't been able to help as many people with BeachBody as I have as a massage therapist. Lately I have been dealing with major anxiety because I know I haven't been living my life's purpose. I am not only supposed to help people heal their pain, I am also supposed to help them heal their bodies and become healthy from the inside out. I know that is why BeachBody got introduced to me 10 years ago. It is taking a long time to realize that I can't help people unless they know what I do and I guess I just hoped that somehow people just knew what I do, which I know you can't know unless I tell you. It is very hard for me to share what I do and what I believe in but as I realize that this is part of my purpose it has become easier to share my feelings about the product I represent. From now on you will hear me, not just now but all the time, inviting you to get a massage but also inviting you to try the best wholesome superfood. Go ahead you can read more about it on www.shakeologywithjp.com or just send me a message. I believe 110% on what I do. I believe shakeology can change your health. I believe a massage is necessary for well being, combine the two and you got a healthy lifestyle.
Here's to your health


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