It is a Tough Road...

It is a Tough Road...

I can't express enough how hard it has been to have to lose all the weight I already lost in 2009. I also can't believe that I have allowed myself to gain the weight I worked so hard to lose. 

Just March 2014 I decided to quit smoking, and with it the weight came rolling in. 

In 4 month I have gained over 30 lbs. Although throughout these months I was conscious about my eating, but it got the best of me and instead of looking at the scale going down I kept looking at going up. 

Of course the fault is all mine but there were a few other factors that made me feel comfortable about the amount of food I was eating and not realizing I was actually piling up the weight.
If you track what you eat, here is a tip, do not include the amount of calories you burned while working out. Every app you use to calculate the amount of calories your body need, ask for your activity level and right there, is the added calories if you workout. 

Once you have the amount calculated you have the option to add your workout which, will show that you can eat more, and that is what I was doing. If you add to the workout, it will add to the total calories you can eat a day.
 I am supposed to eat only 1860 a day but if I add my workout than it gives me a total daily calorie allowed of 2117, 300 extra calories. from previous slide you can see that the activity level was already added to the calculation of 1860. If I eat these 300 extra calories I will not have enough deficit for weight loss.
But after reading about  flexible eating I realized I was eating more than I should and the calculator app was insuring I kept eating. 
Not blaming anyone but myself, the app did not stuff my face, I did.

It has been six weeks since I adjusted my calories and I lost only 5 lbs. Not bad, but I thought it would be a lot easier... NOT.
Now I am on my next 6 weeks, but this time a little more aggressive. Although I quit smoking my lungs are not very healthy yet and I can't push as I thought I would, not to mention that 40 lbs extra is taking a toll on my body and not allowing me to push as hard not to mention in 2009 I was 5 years younger.
I will take six weeks at a time and get back to the weight I was just 6 months ago or hopefully get back to my weight before I got pregnant.

I adjusted my eating to fit my lifestyle and the foods I have on hand and my routine. I am not adding nothing I don't eat and not removing the foods that satisfy me. I am not clean eating, Vegan, Paleo, low carb, high carb, I am me and losing with the foods I will continue to eat throughout my life, just learning to eat less.
If you want some help in how to incorporate your lifestyle to lose weight message me. On my facebook page, leave me a comment here or my G+
To your helth.


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