Liberal or Strict?

How do you prefer your Diet Liberal or Strict?

As my "Diet" nears the end of 60 days I have been trying different things to stay on track. I started with a very strict Atkins plan. Needless to say I kept it for two weeks but the remainder of the 30 days I still kept a very low carb eating plan. I saw results not as great as I wanted my I did see results, which, it is always a plus.

I stated my second month not so strict and I've seen that I have not been doing very well as the cravings for sweets have increased. I have added to much carbs and in turn has increased my calorie intake. In the last 3 weeks I did not lose any weight because I've been really bad.

The problem of not keeping your eating in line is that you are still making all the efforts of working out but if the eating is not followed than of course, you will not see results, which will cause you to stop all together.

So after 3 weeks of no results, I am back to a restricted meal plan, I am following a 30 30 40 or otherwise also known as The Zone. I am not following The Zone, but I am following a similar plan that is prepared for me by BeachBody and although today was the first day, I must say it went exceptionally well. 

Yes I felt like quitting a thousand time in 12 hours, but I am feeling great and so I am on track to lose another 5 Lbs this month (or maybe 3 Lbs).

I have come to the realization that strict is better option for me. I keep it more in line when my meal plan does not have to many options.

How about you, do you prefer strict or liberal?

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